In an Islamic Republic like Dubai, the month of Ramadan is a sacred period that disrupts consumption habits and the pace of life in the city. It is a holy month in which Muslims fast from dawn until sunset. Frugality, piety and charity are in the spotlight. During Ramadan, any visitor to Dubai, whether Muslim or not, should follow a few rules:


Out of respect for the practitioners, it is asked to follow some exceptional rules, namely, not to drink, eat (even chewing gum) or smoke in public places of Dubai. Ramadan also results in the closure of bars and nightclubs throughout the month. However, everyone is free to do what they want in private places in the city such as in your hotels or on private beaches. Thus, you can eat during the day, in your hotel or any other hotel in the city. The majority of restaurants and cafes have adapted hours: They open at nightfall for iftar, some change their menu to offer a large buffet with an all-inclusive formula and where the young resident of the Emirates meet. Ultra friendly moment guaranteed! Most of them stay open until suhoor time at around 3 a.m. However, some restaurants in shopping centers such as spaces called “food courts” where a multitude of fast food restaurants are located there, remain open during the day. From sunset, Dubai wakes up and becomes even more vibrant than any other month of the year. Everyone is out for dinner or for a stroll on the magnificent promenade of Marina walk , City walk and many other neighborhoods. Living in Dubai during this time is a unique experience where you can actually experience the local culture. Many festivities are organized every evening. The hotels of the city organize extravagant parties of Iftar at that time. You will be able to go to khaimas , gigantic tents where amazing all-you-can-eat buffet meals are available to Muslims and non-Muslims who wish to share a moment of conviviality, taste delicious oriental or / and international dishes and pastries accompanied by tea and a good shisha to the sound of traditional music. In these places, the payment is in the form of a minimum to be spent on site, it will take around 100aed / person during the week and 200aed / person on weekends (reservation recommended).

The best Khaimas of this month are by the way: Asateer de Atlantis hotel Al Majlis from Mina Salam hotel Dubai World Trade center Khaima The Majlis, The Address Marina


We can believe that Dubai is a country where a strict dress code is imposed. Think again, everyone is free to dress as they wish while respecting others. However, during the period of Ramadan, when it is good to show modesty and discretion, it is strongly advised to avoid dresses that are too short and outfits too sexy in the streets, malls and other places mainly frequented by the community. UAE. Finally, the activities will all remain available and will not undergo any change except for those serving food during the day or alcohol. This is how the taste in the air will serve drinks and snacks only from 7 p.m., the activity safari will have neither show nor alcoholic drinks within the camp (the prices will be adapted besides), and the activity lunch or dine in the air will only serve dinner. The yacht to share As for him, he will maintain the meals served on board as long as they are eaten inside the boat. We wish you a pleasant stay.