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Global Village is an open air fair that opens every year during the winter in Dubai and lasts about 5 months.

Open every year from the end of October to April

It is located 25 minutes from the centre of Dubai and can be reached by car (free parking), taxi or bus:

  • the 106 from the Mall of Emirates.
  • the 103 from Ittihad metro station
  • the 102 from Rashidiya metro station

This fair is a cultural, discovery and fun event. It consists of giant pavilions, each representing a country of the world. Their architecture is inspired by the country represented and you will find in each pavilion the products, clothes and flavours of the country it houses (Don’t hesitate to negotiate the prices, it’s part of the game, between the seller and his client). The pavilions also feature songs and dances representative of the nation in question. There is a lot of atmosphere in the pavilions of Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The most impressive pavilions in terms of decoration and architecture are: India, China, Thailand and Egypt.

This fair is complemented by several cafés, restaurants, fast food outlets, street vendors and a corner dedicated to some of the most dizzying and sensational attractions. An artificial river crosses one of the arteries of the Global Village on which it is possible to navigate for a few minutes on small boats called Abra.

Finally, several places within the Global Village are dedicated to the show, including the very large central stage, where almost every Friday a famous singer is invited for a one-hour concert at 9pm (no additional cost on the entrance fee). You will be informed of the different upcoming concerts on our Events page. Also, every Friday and Saturday, shortly before 9:00 pm, fireworks are set off.

The rates :
7.00 $ per person over 3 years old
Free for children under 3 years old, people with a disability and people over 65 years old.

Bon Plan MVD: The last weeks of the fair, the prices of the products on sale are for the most part heavily discounted, perfect time to make good deals.


Season over, will reopen in November 2019.
From Saturday to Wednesday from 16:00 to 00:00.
From Thursday to Friday from 4:00 pm to 2:00 am


Global Village, Dubai

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