The animal park of Ras Al Khaimah is not a zoo but a refuge for wild animals abandoned or abused by their former owner. They are well cared for and put in shape by the veterinary team present on site. These animals having been domesticated since their birth, can not be put back in the wilderness for various reasons including the fact that they can not succeed to feed themselves having never learned to hunt. In this park you will see lions, white tigers, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas and many other wild animals. You can even interact with chimpanzees in exchange for a certain amount. Jasim Ali is the owner of this shelter, he is very kind and warm; and considers these animals as his second family. Admission fees and on-site expenses make it possible to buy food for the animals but also to pay their veterinarian and the staff on the spot. The animal park is about 1h00 from Dubai by car, you can get there with your own vehicle or taxi, in this case it will cost about 250aed / ride. If you choose to get there by taxi, especially ask the driver to wait for you back because you will not find others on the spot. Note, feeding the lion cubs is only possible on Fridays, is not an attraction and is not included in the entrance ticket, it is not mandatory that you be granted, it depends on the well being of the animal. Finally, MVD takes the opportunity to highlight this animal shelter in order to attract visitors whose payment of the entrance will allow them to more easily meet the needs of its inhabitants.

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The reservation is made on the spot. Entrance to 40aed Park / person. To do the horse in kind: 1 time = 52,50aed. To play with chimpanzees = 105aed / person. You can also feed the tiger babies that are presently at the park at the discretion of the owner Jasim and in accordance with the law of KAU. In fact, the welfare of animals takes precedence over that of men. Price: 100aed / person


Jasim, + 971 55 611 1488


Al Dagdaga, Ras Al Khaimah

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