Cocoa Room.

This is the team’s favorite restaurant for breakfast. Although hidden away in a small roadside mall, this restaurant is worth a visit and is 10 minutes from the nearest public beach. It is renowned for its sweet American specialties, including tasty waffles, brioche stuffed with Nutella, delicious pancake towers and French toast enhanced by their excellent milkshakes. Served from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. every day, the restaurant will take on a whole new look, at 1 p.m., to give way to a totally different concept and another menu.

Direction a very festive beach, the Barasti . Located near Dubai Marina it is arranged over two floors and consists of a swimming pool, a very nice beach, a restaurant and two bars both serving shisha. Barasti turns into a real dancefloor as the sun approaches. On site, have a deckchair and towel directly for total comfort. On site, let yourself be tempted by a lunch by the water. Their menu has various and varied flavors, the chef’s platters are very tasty. Following an afternoon basking the pill under the Dubai sun, a little snack break is in order.

And it’s nowhere else than in this Malaysian cafe called Paparotti that the MVD team has its habits. Our favorite snack remains the Malaysian brioche topped with chocolate and crushed hazelnuts. However, all the toppings on offer are all equally good and even the brioche alone is excellent. You can accompany it with tea, coffee or hot or cold chocolate or even with fresh fruit juice. Dinner on weekends, we always choose it very ambiancé.

And it is at Trifle that we have our habits. Superb restaurant or dinner rhymes with celebration. On the menu of dishes drawn from Mediterranean gastronomy, between seafood and local recipes, their dishes will delight your taste buds. As for the dining room, the more the evening takes its course, the more the atmosphere of the restaurant is in full swing. Bagatelle resembles that of Paris in terms of atmosphere, but the clientele, the menu and the place remain completely different. Expect to have a very warm evening until 3 a.m. Whether you’re dining there or just popping in for a drink, you’ll have a great time. We alternate some evenings with a lounge to relax after a good meal loaded with flavors.

It is in the lounge called Al Manzil , housed in the patio of the hotel in which it is located, that we enjoy a snack and a shisha for hookah lovers.

The 5 * hotel is located on Mohammed Bin Rashid boulevard , its decor recalls that of riads in Morocco. Very popular on weekends, you will need to make a reservation before going there and be able to enjoy the surroundings. You will find on the menu a whole choice of drinks with or without alcohol, a wide range of dishes and a whole list of flavors for shisha. Ideal and calm lounge before continuing the evening in the biggest clubs of Dubaî! To end the evening in style, the clubs of Dubai are the place where dynamic and golden youth meet. During the year the most popular are the White and the Base, two outdoor clubs that close in summer due to the high temperatures. It is then in one of the most trendy and crazy clubs in the city that we meet to have fun, the Circus the night . Indeed, during the evening you will attend ever more explosive shows, between acrobats, fire eaters, flame swallowers and much more. The opportunity for you to ignite the dancefloor around RAP, R&B, Pop or even House music. Cirque Le Soir is located a stone’s throw from the restaurant mentioned above, the Trifle. At the end of the evening, the hunger pangs set in! It is therefore natural that we take the direction of this Lebanese fast-food which remains open until 6 a.m., called Zaatar W Zeit . They specialize in beef or chicken sandwiches wrapped in hot Lebanese bread. If we had to recommend one, we will direct you to the Famous Chicken and their cheese baked fries that have made it famous. However, there are also other restaurants that stay open quite late, as is the case for another Lebanese restaurant called Zaroob or the unmissable Mc Donald’s.

It is on this taste note that we invite you to fully enjoy your vacation and your days in Dubai. It’s up to you to play and organize famous days thanks to all the good addresses that we share with you, they can only be perfect.

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